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Businesses all over the world have been forced to go digital in order to run their day-to-day operations more efficiently. Nonetheless, technology is rapidly reshaping the consumer landscape, as well as the performing arts and other businesses. Because of a variety of factors, including shifting consumer interactions and a rising urge for new experiences, performing arts organizations are under increasing pressure to embrace digital transformation, which has had the greatest impact on the performing arts business. Digital solutions can help the performing arts industry in a variety of ways.

This event technology fact demonstrates how digitalization can empower the event industry in a variety of ways while also transforming typical amateur methods into innovative and digitalized operations. As a result, ARC has created a comprehensive venue and event management solutions pack tailored specifically for the performing arts industry in order to provide event professionals with the most cutting-edge innovative technologies.

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Performing Arts Services

The broad range of solutions serves all types of Performing Arts industry professionals, including performing arts investors, managers, vendors, marketing firms, developers, and builders, at all stages of the business, whether pre-production or post-production.

• Custom Development
• SharePoint Migration
• SharePoint M365
• SharePoint Process Automation
• SharePoint Portals
• SharePoint
• Branding | Fluent Ul
• SharePoint Mobile APPs
• SharePoint B2B Integration
• Azure Development
• Azure Enterprise Application
• Azure Integration
• Azure Migration
• Azure SaaS Products
• Azure Security & Identity Management
Power Platform
• Power Bl
• PowerApps
• Power Automate
• Power Virtual Agents
Business Intelligence
• Bl Development
• Data Warehousing
• ETL Development
• Dynamic Reporting
• Custom Dashboards
• Azure Data Factory
• Power Bl
• Tableau
M365 Services
• M365 Consulting
• M365 Implementation
• M365 migration
• M365 customization
• Microsoft Intune
• AD Connect
• Microsoft Teams
B2B Integration
• SQL Server Integration
• Entrata Integration
• MRI Integration
• Nexus/ TicketMaster Integration
•Azure Integration

Performing Arts Industry Challenges

The performing arts industry, like other industries, faces several crucial challenges. From manually managing the extensive events data to storing the information on insecure hardware, to typing the lengthy and complex event contracts, event managers struggle a lot.  Having worked with performing arts professionals for years, ARC truly understands all these challenges. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of event management solutions specifically for preforming arts industry.

Humongous Data Management

The live event industry has to deal with an extensive amount of events’ data that is highly confidential. This challenge leads to data loss, data breaches, unauthorized access, data silos, a lack of compliance with legislation, an ungoverned environment, and limited resources.

Resource Allocation

The more events and venues you have booked, the more people and teams you will need to run them. Theater professionals must ensure that everyone who uses their assets, like mobile app, they do so in accordance with the company's policies and rules.

Contract Monitoring and Management

In today's world, event contract details change quickly, putting additional stress on your already overworked team. For example, if you run a venue with 100+ bookings per month, you must manage a large number of contracts, settlement records, financial documents, and a variety of other documents, which becomes unmanageable.

Back-to-back Event Bookings

Most live event industry organizations, such as arenas, auditoriums, theaters, and other performing arts centers, host dozens of events each year. As a result, venue managers must be extremely vigilant in managing event bookings in order to avoid mishaps. It forces them to use a system that manages a large number of bookings automatically.

Manual Reporting

For years, the manual reporting and data gathering process has been a sore point of event management professionals because it is overwhelmed with inefficiencies and errors, forcing the need for an automated reporting process to auto populate the existing data.

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The broad range of solutions serves all types of Performing Arts industry professionals, including performing arts investors, managers, vendors, marketing firms, developers, and builders, at all stages of the business, whether pre-production or post-production.

Technology Stack

Project Management

-  Jira

Microsoft Azure

- Active Directory
- Azure Storage
- Function
- App Service


- React          - Angular
- Node          - HTML
- jQuery         - C#
- JavaScript    - ASP.Net
- TypeScript


- SQL Server


- SharePoint Server
- Office 365


- Selenium
-Test Rail
- Postman
- Apache JMeter
- BrowserStack

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