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More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Tableau to leverage their data to make intelligent business decisions. This growth is being driven by the increasing demand for data visualization and business intelligence (BI) solutions.  

Al Rafay Consulting is renowned for providing premium Tableau consulting services to all industry sectors. Our expert Tableau consultants have more than 10 years of experience in creating data analytics solutions using a variety of tools. Partner with us, to get the best Tableau development services. 


Get The Most Out of Your Data With Our Tableau Consulting Services And Visual Analytics

Traditional methods of making business decisions are now becoming obsolete and companies are now shifting towards BI solutions to drive their success. Revolutionize your business operations and turn raw data into actionable insights. Get our Tableau consulting services and create powerful dashboards that visually summarize all operations. It’s time to put the spreadsheets away! Get help from our Tableau consultants now. 

Tableau Consulting Services That We Provide

Tableau consultants at Al Rafay Consulting are determined to enable our clients with the best data-driven decision-making platforms. With over 10 years of experience in developing BI solutions, ARC provides the following Tableau consulting services.
Migration To Tableau
Seamlessly transition your existing data ecosystem to Tableau with our expert migration services. Whether you are migrating from another BI tool or upgrading to the latest version of Tableau, our Tableau consultants always ensure an efficient process. We expertly handle data mapping, validation, and migration, which minimizes downtime and maximizes the integrity of your data.
System Deployment
From infrastructure setup to configuration and optimization, our Tableau consultants ensure that your Tableau environment is robust, scalable, and tailored to your organization's specific needs. We help organizations with server standups, cloud migrations, and health checkups.
Tableau Training & Support
Our training programs cover a range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced, ensuring that your team can harness the full potential of Tableau's features. Training and support system is one of the main services at Al Rafay Consulting and we conduct both on-ground sessions and webinars. Additionally, our support services provide ongoing assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance to keep your Tableau environment running smoothly.
Analytics Integration
Unlock the true potential of your data by integrating Tableau into your analytics stack. We work closely with your team to seamlessly integrate Tableau with other analytics tools, databases, and applications. Additionally, integrating and developing analytics involves services like data preparation & design, the development of dashboards, and the creation of data science solutions.
Performance Optimization
Our Tableau developers are experts in optimizing business intelligence dashboards by fine-tuning the configurations based on the industry's best practices. Apart from technical optimization we also help organizations optimize their BI strategies with the help of API extensibility.

Ready to get started with Tableau consulting and development services?

Our Tableau developers evaluate various data sources and develop data-driven strategies to improve and fortify your decision-making process.

Benefits of Getting Services From Our Tableau Consultants

Partnering with ARC for your Tableau consulting needs brings forth a multitude of benefits. Our consultants not only possess deep technical expertise but also understand the intricacies and specific strategies of various industries. Here’s why choosing our Tableau consulting services is a strategic investment:

Customized Solutions

Our Tableau experts are experienced in working in a lot of different industries. By leveraging their technical expertise they can provide customized Tableau services that are fine-tuned to the specific requirements of your company. We ensure that the analytics and visualizations directly contribute to your strategic goals.

Cost Efficiency

We optimize your Tableau deployment for efficiency, minimizing resource utilization and ensuring a cost-effective solution that maximizes your return on investment.

Experienced Consultants

Our Tableau consulting company has more than 10 years of experience in the business intelligence industry. We are experts in creating all types of data analytics solutions and dashboards and our developers can seamlessly integrate your BI platform with different services like HRM and CRM.

Accelerate Time To Value

Tableau developers at Al Rafay Consulting are adept at streamlining the implementation and integration processes, which greatly accelerates the time it takes for your organization to derive value from Tableau. By reducing deployment timelines, you can quickly begin harnessing the power of Tableau to make data-driven decisions that impact your bottom line.

Why Choose ARC?

Long-Term Partnership With Clients

With seven years of experience, we've worked successfully with leading firms like San Diego Theatres and BioMed Realty, building long-term relationships based on excellence.

Proactive Approach

Starting with a discovery session, we use an agile approach to lead your project, ensuring on-time delivery and staying within budget.

End-To-End Software Development

From complex development to customization and flexible support, we offer comprehensive software services and solutions to meet all your technology needs.

Expert Development Team

Our team comprises skilled software engineers and developers who excel in delivering tailored solutions, understanding and addressing your unique IT requirements.

Business Intelligence Solutions by Industry

Real Estate Investment Trust
Performing Arts
Student Housing

Technology Stack

Project Management

-  Jira

Microsoft Azure

- Active Directory
- Azure Storage
- Function
- App Service


- React          - Angular
- Node          - HTML
- jQuery         - C#
- JavaScript    - ASP.Net
- TypeScript


- SQL Server


- SharePoint Server
- Office 365


- Selenium
-Test Rail
- Postman
- Apache JMeter
- BrowserStack

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries does Al Rafay Consulting have experience in with Tableau deployments?

Al Rafay Consulting has a diverse clientele and we have worked in a lot of sectors including Real Estate, Student Housing, Performance Arts, the non-profit sector, and more.  

Do you offer remote consulting services for Tableau deployments?

Yes, we offer both onsite and remote consulting services for Tableau deployments. Our team is equipped to collaborate seamlessly with your organization, providing the flexibility to engage in a way that suits your preferences and operational requirements. 

What support channels are available for addressing issues or seeking assistance with Tableau?

We are available 24/7 for our clients and you can contact our customer support team through a lot of channels such as email support, online chat, and direct access to our consultants via phone or video conferencing. 

How can I handle Tableau software updates and version upgrades?

Tableau offers two types of updates: maintenance releases and major upgrades. Maintenance releases fix bugs and provide security updates, while major upgrades introduce new features and functionality. 

To keep your Tableau software up to date, you can either manually download and install updates from the Tableau website or set up automatic updates. Automatic updates will check for new releases and install them automatically. 

How does ARC handle sensitive or confidential data in Tableau deployments?

Handling sensitive or confidential data is a top priority for us. In Tableau deployments, we implement robust measures such as encryption, access controls, and compliance with relevant data protection regulations. 


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