Make Well-Informed Decisions With Portfolio
Analytics and Tracking Solution

Spot actionable analytics and gain real time reporting through portfolio tracking and analytics solution dedicated to the student living industry.

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Real-Time Data At Your Fingertips With Portfolio Analytics Solution

Designed as a robust technology platform, ARC has built student living solutions to automate portfolio tracking and analytics to provide an all-inclusive view of a property’s entire business points. With analytics across multiple data cuts and performance metrics available at your fingertips, you can stay prepared to make well-informed decisions. As a result, thousands of manual efforts a year can be saved, leading to the increased focus on decision-making rather than consolidation or reconciliation using our portfolio tracking and analytics solutions.

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Portfolio analytics & tracking solution integrates operational, financial, and industry data into custom enterprise tools that help track performance, explore investment ideas, analyze competitive and market dynamics, execute valuation on data analytics, and evaluate risks.

Operations Tracking
Quickly analyze your weekly or monthly operational metrics or keep track of critical operating updates. Have an analytics dashboard to manage and track all your workflows and operations, including work orders, budgets and targets, cancellations, and more.
Applications Tracking
Analyze the portfolio performance with the help of an analytical graph showing the application breakdown by status, comprehensive application summary, application by the floorplan, week, and custom sources along with application conversion ratios and metrics.
Traffic Sources
The solution presents you accurate sources from where the traffic is coming to make you realize which source is more profitable. Analyze the key traffic sources such as calls, texts, emails, online visits, chats, unit tours and more.
Signed Leases
No matter how big your operations team is, the process of calculating the signed leases can be overly cumbersome. With portfolio analytics, you can easily figure out the accurate number of signed leases with just a single click.


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Want to have centralized visibility over your
portfolio performance?

Keeping track of crucial information in the student housing industry is very challenging. With portfolio tracking and analytics solution, you can automatically track the portfolio performance with actionable insights, reports, and analytics.