Case Study

Centralized Solutions Specially Created To Simplify The Unique Challenges Of Student Housing


The property stakeholders in the student housing industry demand quick solutions that provide them with comprehensive reporting, analytics, portfolio management, asset tracking, and other executive tools. This case study elaborates on some of the critical challenges faced by property stakeholders along with the solutions to resolve all the tracking, reporting, and management challenges.


To manage the humongous data coming from multiple property portfolios, analyze portfolio performance, tracking assets, leases, renewals, and much more.


A Centralized portfolio management, analytics, and asset tracking software along with innovative tools for enterprise collaboration and business process automation.

ARC has designed tools to automate portfolio analytics and management to deliver an all-inclusive picture of a property’s whole business points as a solid technology platform. You may be prepared to make well-informed judgments by having analytics across numerous data cuts and performance metrics at your fingertips. It’s easy! Just as we use software to boost corporate efficiency, you require a comprehensive and secure software platform to simplify wealth management while also protecting your data privacy. As a result of our portfolio analytics and management solutions, thousands of manual efforts can be avoided each year, allowing for a greater emphasis on decision-making rather than consolidation or reconciliation.

The portfolio management and analytics software provide robust tools and modules that enable student housing professionals, stakeholders, investors, and senior-level executives to manage the following processes with ease. 

Analyze industry

With our Data Insights service, you may see reservations, revenue, and occupancy percentages. This swiftly translates your data and considerably aids in decision-making, which has a direct impact on retention, resident satisfaction, and revenue.

Your data, your rules

To maximize insights and intelligence across your whole organization, our B2B integration solution combines your portfolio management data with data from other platforms. Use your favorite data visualization tools to bring your data to life, making informed decisions easier than ever.

Robust Reporting and Actionable Analytics

Get a comprehensive set of reporting and analytics tools to meet the needs of any user. We have the technology for you, whether you need real-time dashboards or in-depth custom analytics.

Visibility in real-time

Real-time dashboards provide you and your team with immediate insight into current patterns and trends, rather than static charts from yesterday's meeting or last week's presentation.

Report templates

Not a pro at reporting? That's OK. Start your analytics adventure right now with dozens of prebuilt reports and dashboards that are ready to use.

Advanced Reporting

With Report Generator, you can take your reports to the next level. Create fully customized reports to gain a comprehensive understanding of your operations, finances, and residential community.


Create and adjust the layout of your reports or organize large amounts of data into readable printed papers. You can personalize your reports by using your own branding and look and feel.

Collaborate and share

Ensure that your entire workforce, from the front desk to finance, is up to date. Reports and dashboards can be shared with fine-grained access control rights.

Reports can be emailed, exported, and printed

Create summary dashboards with all of your key reports and export, print, schedule, or interact with your organization at any time.

Securely report

ARC is committed to meeting and exceeding data security standards. You can limit who can add or amend reports while still allowing everyone to benefit from the findings.