Case Study

A Student Housing 360° Platform To Drive Revenue, And Streamline Operations


This case study shows how a centralized portfolio management software solves the challenges faced by student housing industry professionals. It automates the manual processes of tracking and managing multiple portfolios to centralize all these operations in a single platform. All the tools in this portfolio management application are dedicated to the student housing industry.



A 360° Platform for Student Housing Portfolio Management

In order to ensure that managers and executives never miss a crucial KPI, analytics, or update, ARC has created a comprehensive student housing portfolio management suite that provides them with all essential tools required to track portfolios’ performance, operations, finance, and revenue.

Portfolio Dashboard

The property dashboard gives you a thorough picture of every aspect of your multiple properties on a single platform. You can get a rapid summary of the traffic to your particular property, the status of open applications, signed leases, renewed leases, and in-place revenue in one centralized view.

Property Portal

The property management portal is a web-based program designed specifically for all the stakeholders of student housing. It offers a streamlined method of managing all of your properties and enables you to manage your properties from anywhere at any time and combine them into a single perspective.

API Integration

Through API integration solution, transform the data that is currently in Entrata, Buildium, Yardi, or other sources. Integrate these software programs with our portfolio analytics system to get impeccably tailored reports, KPIs, and metrics and have a thorough examination of every positive and negative aspect of your property performance metrics.

Tools for Enterprise Collaboration

With enterprise collaboration tools, student housing professionals can have greater collaboration. It streamlines the way you connect and communicate within and outside of the work environment. These tools include enterprise intranet, IT portal, investor portal, HR portal, and operator portal.

Business Process Automation

The manual, time-consuming procedures can be transformed with a business process automation solution. Work with centralized visibility, monitoring, reporting, and analytics to complete electronic forms and workflows. Let the automation take place of all your manual and complex work.

Document Approval Automation

A structured, automated approval process for submitting, tracking, reviewing, approving, and collaborating on a wide range of document types in order to make approval decisions. It ensures that organizational standards are met and provides an audit trail of all document workflow actions, including document metadata.

Property Analytics

With the help of property analytics tools, you may completely revolutionize the way your firm operates. It delivers a set of analytics tools to assist you to manage your data successfully in addition to giving you an in-depth overview of your data to guide your business decisions.

Analytics Dashboard

Innovative intelligence for your student housing portfolio, a centralized analytics dashboard for all properties' operations, finances, and executive analytics, as well as extensive, interactive reporting and export capabilities. By consolidating all the important information, you rely on, an analytical digital dashboard may make these tasks much easier.