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What Are the Benefits of SharePoint Intranet Portals

SharePoint Intranet

Microsoft SharePoint intranet portals help you seamlessly share files and collaborate with colleagues to improve team productivity. By deploying the SharePoint intranet, you can also promote better employee engagement and make the tasks easier for them.

It also offers numerous other benefits compared to the open-source intranet portals. Let’s discuss some of the top benefits of SharePoint intranet portals.

1. Effortless and Secure Business Information Storage

In this era of information technology, data has become the most valuable business component. Organizations need to store mission-critical and sensitive data and information in a secured place.

Also, they must make sure only authorized persons can have access to the data to prevent these from falling into the wrong hands. With the SharePoint intranet portals, access to data becomes easier within your organization.

For example, you can swap between different permission levels like View Only, Limited Access, and Read to provide restricted access to the user. Or you can also assign a user Full Control so that the user can manipulate whichever section they want to. Thus, whatever your data policy within your organization, you can enforce that easily on SharePoint intranets

The robust features of SharePoint document libraries facilitate document sharing, data distribution, team collaboration, and knowledge management. You can effortlessly integrate

SharePoint libraries with SharePoint intranet and enjoy these benefits.

2. Easy-to-Access On Demand Business Data

Business Data

A SharePoint Intranet functions as the communication hub and online file storage system for enterprises. It will work as a digital workplace where the employees can work anytime from any location.


Since it stores all the information of a project or department in a single location, anyone can use the search tool to find any data or document you need quickly. The eDiscovery feature of this platform saves time and makes employees more productive.

3. Spend Less Time in Meetings

While employers might consider meetings a crucial part of their business success, many people claim that a meeting makes them less productive by interrupting them while they are intensely focused on work.


You can minimize the occurrence of the meetings with the SharePoint intranet. Using the online discussion board of SharePoint, team leads, and members can talk about critical business issues.

Since this discussion happens in real-time, you can see relatively fewer meetings than businesses that work without the SharePoint intranet and save valuable time for your teammates.

Moreover, all the points discussed stay documented in one place for future references. Thanks to these, there will be a minimum chance of misunderstanding and miscommunication between colleagues if they follow the right procedure.

4. Effortless Remote/Hybrid Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

SharePoint is not only a static document management tool, it also reduces working in silos from your business. Using SharePoint intranets, you can enjoy its collaborative and social features.


It supports integration with various Office 365 tools to become an interactive social system. The inclusion of social aspects offers a fine experience to teammates. You can utilize this intranet portal to make them actively engaged with one another. It also helps to find colleagues within the company and reach out.


Having a better understanding of the audience and finding suitable communication channels are the additional benefits of this platform. Many organizations work with a remote or hybrid team these days. They can use Microsoft teams with the SharePoint intranet and excel in seamless team collaboration regardless of the employee location.

5. Spend Less Time and Money on Workplace Administration

Another benefit of using the SharePoint intranet portal is you don’t have to waste your time doing repetitive admin-level tasks. In an organization, the administration needs to perform various mundane tasks regularly. SharePoint helps limit this.


Such tasks take a significant amount of time each day, and administrating these will also cost money. One example is approving leave applications of its employees. Once you have a SharePoint intranet portal, you can easily automate these tasks.


Automation will reduce the workload of administrative employees. Instead of working on these repetitive tasks, they can invest their time and effort in more significant tasks.


As these people would make a meaningful contribution to the organization, you’ll notice a boost in their productivity. Automation through the SharePoint intranet will also reduce administration costs.

6. Customized Business Workflows that Drive Results

Business Workflows

SharePoint intranet is capable of creating a workflow, no matter what your business process is. Workflows are the foundation of the day-to-day activities of an employee. Though they may do some tasks independently, workflows form the backbone of most businesses.

Sometimes, team members make mistakes or forget to complete a task. It breaks the chain of tasks in the workflow and becomes a pain point for the companies. It is easy to develop a customized workflow that will notify your stakeholders about the due tasks.

You can automate the workflow to boost productivity and boost workflow compliance by automating the whole process. SharePoint offers several workflows like Approval, Collect Feedback, Collect Signatures, Publishing Approval, and Three-state.

Then again, you can also introduce customized workflows with personalized notifications through reminder emails.

It will also keep you updated on the progress they made on those assigned tasks. A nicely customized workflow makes it easy to track both information and responsibilities. As a result, you can complete the projects in time.

7. Improve Client and Employee Engagement

SharePoint intranets efficiently keep internal things separated from third-party accessible SharePoint sites or assets. Thus, you can effortlessly let third parties access certain sections of your business portal for document download, upload, signing, commenting, or content approval.


Organizations also need to coordinate with the clients by providing them with updates on the project. At the same time, they should confirm that all their employees are on the same page regarding a decision or task.


With the SharePoint intranet, any significant announcements made by HR will reach every employee without a miss. Also, top executives can have better engagement with their employees.


Intranet portals will also ensure transparency within the company. It will let the employees know all the aspects of the company and thus, build faith and trust. Employees may become more interested to engage with the company and offering valuable feedback.

8. Better and Cost-effective Business Governance

Business Governance

You can develop your SharePoint intranet portal in such a way that it works as a central command center for everything in your business. You and other business stakeholders or managers will have a clear oversight of all employees, clients, vendors, and so on.

You can centralize everything like content, files, client data, employee data, regulatory compliances, and many more. With a few clicks, you get access to anything that you need within the organization.  Thus, you can establish better business governance than others.

Business governance refers to processes of transparency that an organization follows about its information and management. With the SharePoint intranet, you can keep a record of almost everything that happens in the organization. You can also use them in the future if necessary.

For example, if someone from your team was absent for some days, they have to ask their colleagues to learn the updates. Instead, they can go through the corporate dashboards and know what had happened while they were away and that’s more efficient.

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